Operators often do not fully understand machinery and equipment and at times even have to learn how to use them alone and, as a result, perhaps incorrectly.

The programmes provided by the Merlo Training and Research Centre analyse the complexity and critical aspects of affecting the management of machinery and equipment and provide participants with cognitive tools, methods and analytical techniques to help them perform daily management tasks in a fully informed manner.

Practical simulations and exercises play a key role in learning, while verifications complementing lectures and training sessions on machines themselves are designed to achieve various levels of skill in relation to specific professional requirements.

Each training course is divided into three training stages (regulatory, technical and practical) to ensure highly interactive participation. Specific training sessions, even involving different types of equipment, ensure highly qualified professional profiles.

The goals of our courses

– Developing and refining trainees’ ability to identify and prevent potential risks.

– Planning work operations effectively.

– Operating machines and attachments in safe conditions.

Standard courses for machine operators

On-demand training courses

Tailor-made training courses can be organised on demand, also on customers’ premises.