“Repeating does good”, the Latin saying goes. As a simple exercise serving to highlight news, concepts and notions that are often lost in the vast expanse of information that surrounds us and stimulates us every day, it can improve the awareness of the individual.

By Paolo Peretti, director of the Merlo Training and Research Centre

Good morning. Fill up, please. Thanks.

That time I used the “served” pump and not the usual self-service gas station.

Vocational training that generates prospects

In every company, strategic choices must be focused on the people and employees who, through their work, enable the company to grow and translate objectives into results. But is it always like this?

Those sitting at the back

To be a trainer you need passion, professionalism and deep knowledge of the topics covered, combined with a solid organisational and sometimes even psychological basis.

A thousand and one ways to hurt yourself

In the agriculture and forestry industry, the belief has always persisted that the tractor can and should be used to deal with any kind of work.

Training is always an excellent investment

We all too often ignore the social value for which people grow and learn, both with others and for them.


Some people have an innate talent for remembering everything they read or listen to, even if they have only done so once.

Train staff for business success

An effective training strategy enhances the skills, knowledge and ability of personnel, reducing turnover and increasing productivity.

An all-Italian anomaly

The State-Regions Agreement of 22/02/2012 defined the types of training and refresher courses that operators are required to take in order to qualify to use various categories of machinery, and made provisions for the delivery of both theoretical training, via classroom-based sessions, and e-learning, where necessary.

The future is already here

The signals from the farthest space probe with which we are still in contact, the Voyager 1, take twenty hours to reach us.


In the past, astonishment and admiration were an expression of the emotions linked to an event, a person, an important goal achieved. Wonder and respect were a sign of appreciation and, in every language, words had their own deep meaning.

Getting your hands dirty – the importance of practical training

The world of work is evolving, contexts are changing fast, technology is advancing and the field of knowledge exceeds the human capacity to store and manage all the information.