All-round off-road

The collaboration between Merlo Training and Research Centre (CFRM) and the Italian Army for the training activities continues.

From the Sahara to the Antarctic and back without leaving the Department

The innovative climatic cell for the thermal tests necessary for the certification of components and machines intended to operate in extreme climates is operational at the Merlo Research Department.

The marketing, the great unknown

Amazing success for the informative section on marketing at Cremona International Livestock Exhibitions.

Winning one-two combo!!

Excellence rewarded at GIS 2019.

Up to the Genius!

For the set up of the superb exhibition "The other canvas by Leonardo" it was necessary to handle stage set-ups and unique historical reproductions.

Roto telescopic handlers

The Merlo Training and Research Centre has developed a new information and training project for schools.

Training activity for the 2nd Alpini Regiment at the CFRM

The Merlo Training and Research Centre hosted the 2nd Alpini Regiment of the Taurinense Alpine Brigade for a completely new operating activity for Merlo Group.

Thank you!

The Merlo Training and Research Centre has always sought to disseminate the culture of safety.